Kal Jemson


Template: Smuggler

Dexterity: 3D+1
Blasters 4D+1
Knowledge: 2D+1
Planetary Systems 3D+1
Streetwise 3D+1
Mechanical: 3D+2
Space Transport Piloting 4D+2
Perception: 3D
Con 4D
Strength: 3D
Brawling 4D
Technical: 2D+2
Space Transport Repair 3D+2
Character Points: 5
Force Points: 1
Movement: 10
Wound Status: None


Kal Jemson. Star Pilot Extraordinaire. Smuggler. Scoundrel. Con Man. Able to complete the Kessel Run in well over 12 parsecs.

Kal was a real scumbag in his early twenties. Having just conned his way into owning a starship (a YT-1300, no less), Kal fled his homeworld before the other parties involved caught up to him. Flying solo for a time taught him the basics of the universe; counting only upon his wits and rugged good looks to get him out of tight situations. After a few years of going it alone, he took on a co-pilot that he had befriended in a bar.

Always keeping company with the wrong crowd (usually bounty hunters or crime lords), Kal began smuggling humanoid cargo between black markets amongst the planets of the outer rim. With no regard for the law, Kal became well known for his affinity to cause trouble with the local authorities. After another harrowing escape from the law, Kal decided on a career change – he went from humanoid trafficker to providing prison transport services. He left both the services of the crime lord (under somewhat suspect circumstances) and his co-pilot (under even worse conditions, it was not an amicable split) and began shuttling prisoners the Empire had captured and condemned to the Spice Mines of Kessel. Work was plentiful; the Empire was on a witch hunt looking for the Rebel Alliance. Many innocent people were branded ‘Rebel Scum’ and sent to the Spice Mines.

After a few years of this, Kal had just delivered a new batch of prisoners to the Mines when he came across a ‘cargo’ manifest from another transport vessel. He discovered that his one remaining relative, his female cousin Mi’Kel, was delivered to the Mines earlier this week. That fact really hit him hard. He went back to his ship and started scheming. He had to free his cousin. She was the one person that tried to keep him on the straight and narrow in his teens after the death of Kal’s parents. A bit older than Kal, Mi’Kel was like an older sister to him.

He left the Spice Mines with a half-baked plan in his head. His next load of ‘Rebel Scum’ was due for pick-up in a few days. He’d pick them up, determine which ones were actual members of the Alliance, and enlist their aid in breaking out his cousin. He struck an amicable deal with the soon to be prisoners and his half-baked plan actually worked. With Kal’s help, they broke out Mi’Kel and they all fled the Spice Mines.

It was then that Kal decided to turn his life around. Overjoyed at having a chance to make amends with his cousin, Kal decided that he would do what he could to help the Rebel Alliance break out more members from the Spice Mines. He had six successful runs, with Mi’Kel at his side as co-pilot. His ship, lovingly nicknamed ‘Rebel Scum’ by members of the Alliance, finally gained notice by the Empire. Tracking him halfway across the galaxy, the Empire was closing in on Kal. He sold Rebel Scum cheap and fled back to his homeworld.

Unfortunately for him, the man he originally conned out of the ship discovered that Kal had returned. Notifying the Empire, they set a trap for Kal. Kal had just received a loan from the local crime boss (some habits are hard to break) and had bought a new starship when Imperial forces arrived to arrest him. A firefight ensued, and Kal ordered Mi’Kel back to the ship in an effort to start the engines and take off as he provided covering fire. Mi’Kel made it back to the ship and was able to lift off 20’ or so, but the Imperial forces had planned for that eventuality and had some heavy weapons held in reserve. They blasted the ship as it took off, blowing it to pieces and killing Mi’Kel. Kal suffered some minor injuries in the blast but the explosion provided him an opportunity to escape. Some Alliance supporters took him in and nursed him back to health, then helped him escape to the planet Loe Doone. He’s been waiting on the planet for three months now, waiting for his chance to fight back against the Empire. The Alliance realizes the value of his smuggling expertise, especially when it comes to freeing prisoners from the Spice Mines of Kessel. They began courting him, hoping that he will join their cause. When the campaign opens, he is on the cusp of joining the Rebel Alliance.

Kal Jemson

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