Kellic So

Quarren with a pocket protector and knows how to use it.


Young adult, male, Quarren. A bit on the short and skinny side.

Quote: “Is that a hydro spanner in your pocket, or…?”

Dexterity 3D
-pick pocket 1D

Knowledge 3D
-alien species
-planetary systems 1D

Mechanical 3D+1
-communications 1D
-sensors 1D
-scanning planets

Perception 2D+1
-forgery 1D

Strength 2D+2

Technical 3D+2
-all drive/generator based rpr
-comp. program/rpr
-droid rpr
-security 1D
-space trans. rpr 1D

Character Points: 5
Force Points: 1
Movement: 9 (Swimming 10)
Special Abilities: Aquatic Survival & Aquatic
Wound Status: None


casual clothes
pocket computer

work clothes w/ tool harness
glow rod & flares
breath mask
flame-proof suit

computer toolkit
security sys. toolkit
light fusion power generator
work light
power scanner
hydro spanner
fusion cutter
plasma welder
another hydro spanner

small sub-space radio
hold-out blaster

400 creds


Kellic’s family roots can be traced back to the planet of Lamaredd and the incident with Hugo Bartyn conning people to settle there under false pretenses. Although the many alien species eventually gained their rights and freedoms, Kellic’s ancestors chose to stay on the planet having already spent numerous generations there. Not until Kellic’s great-grandparents, then newly-wed, chose to move off-world for better opportunities did the family see any members leave the system.

Young at heart and full of energy the young couple chose Taris as their home. The planet government was making great effort to recolonize and offered numerous opportunities to new settlers. The family trade had always been (and still is) marine farming and fishing and Taris was in dire need of skilled individuals for restoration of its aquatics for both food and environment. The couple adapted to the role like fish to water (pardon the pun) and eventually started a family of their own. Along comes Kellic.

Kellic had an excellent education growing up thanks to one of the many perks offered to new settlers of Taris. Another ‘perk’ of Taris was its location along a decently traveled space lane which brought a lot of traffic and different peoples to the planet. The young Kellic was heavily influenced by the diverse cultures and sciences and excelled at the academic aspect of his studies, albeit at the expense of some physical and a certain amount of social awkwardness. He would eventually graduate and take a job at one of the many ship yards that Taris had become well-known for. Here he did very well and was recognized as an excellent technician. It wouldn’t take long before his dreams of flying off on one of those starships would come true.

Kellic was in his late teens when the Galactic War broke out. The first life-changing event this would have on Kellic was when all of his extended family on Taris picked up and left back to the Lamaredd sector to stay with distant relatives and family. This came about because of two reasons. The first was the open conflict between the Empire and the planet of Dac, homeworld to the Mon Cal and Quarren people, which drew much ire from the Empire towards these two races. The second was when it looked as though Taris itself might be drawn into the war.

Kellic chose not to leave with his family but instead to sign on as a merchant marine with a cargo transport. With his ‘buck the system’ attitude towards an ever increasingly violent Empire, he found a crew that didn’t necessarily always adhere to Imperial shipping doctrine. They were glad to take on an engineer of his quality and Kellic spent the next few years with the crew developing some of his more rogue-ish talents and skills. Kellic would continue to become more angry and vocal towards the Empire as they inflicted further atrocities upon the planet of Dac. He even develepod a patriotic attitude with the planet and ‘his people’ as he referred to them.

This attitude became too worrisome for the ship captain and crew who preferred to draw as little attention as possible and would rather focus on making credits than war. So when they set down on Loe Doone and Kellic had finished with the routine maintenance and repairs, they left without him. Kellic came back from sight-seeing (which there wasn’t much of on Loe Doone) to find an empty hangar with his personal gear piled in one of the maintenance closets. Kellic would eventually get in touch with the ship captain and was able to understand why they had left. Lesson learned and he holds them no ill will.

The event, however, would lead to the second major change in Kellic’s life. He decided that he would seek out and join the Alliance in direct opposition towards the Empire. He was no soldier but perhaps his knowledge and skills could and would make a difference!

Kellic So

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