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Character Generation Steps
See some Examples of Character Creation

  • Step Zero: Players should begin thinking about a Character Concept.
  • Step One: Players can Choose a Character Template.

You must decide to either create your own character template ( Creating and Modifying Templates ) or use one of the pre-generated character templates that are provided ( Character Templates ).

  • Step Two: Players can Choose a Species and/or to be Force Sensitive (if necessary).

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  • Step Three: Players can Assign Skill Dice and Specialization Dice.

All characters (aside from droids) start with 7 Skill Dice (these dice must remain as whole dice, they may not be broken into individual pips.). Players can opt to split 1 of the initial seven Skill Dice into 3 Specialization Dice. No starting skill may have more than 2 Skill Dice allotted to it and no Specialization may have more than 1 Specialization Die allotted to it.

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  • Step Three-and-a-Half: Players can Select Force Powers for Force Using Characters .

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  • Step Four: Players can Select Personal Gear.

All characters will start with 2,775 credits to purchase starting gear (this even applies to pre-generated templates to create a more balanced group of staring characters).

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Note The Following Special Starting Costs: Lightsabers cost 2,525 credits (Although, they are highly illegal; they are fairly easy to conceal), Stormtrooper Armor costs: 2,525 (It is highly illegal, not easily concealed, and the utility belt will be empty.), and non-Wookiees Characters can purchase a Bowcaster for 2,525 credits (Although, they are not necessarily illegal; they are difficult to conceal and their owns tend to have their arms pulled out of there sockets or worse.).

  • Step Five Players can add finishing details to their Characters.

Note All character will either start out as new members of the Alliance for one reason or another (or possibly they are seriously in search of such a membership).

Determine the character’s name, sex, age, height and weight, physical description, personality, background, character connections, objectives, quotes, and any other story factors.

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