Creating and Modifying Templates

  • All characters start with 18 Attribute Dice (except for certain alien species and droids) that are to be distributed between the six primary attributes; Dexterity, Knowledge, Mechanical, Perception, Strength, and Technical, as well as amongst any initial Force Skill Dice (Up to one die in each Force Skill, Control, Sense, and/or Alter; see the The Force page for details.).
  • Humans (and most Near Humans) have a Starting Attribute Range of 2D to 4D (no attribute may be less than 2D and no Attribute may start higher than 4D).

Each Alien Species has its own Starting Attribute Range that must be adhered to when creating a new character template or modifying an existing one.

No starting Alien Species Player Character may have less than 1D in any Attribute or more than 6D in any Attribute.

  • Once a new Character Template has been created or an existing one has been modified complete steps three through five on the CHARACTER GENERATION page.

Note I will allow droid player characters, but strongly discourage playing a droid character. A Droid could make an entertaining secondary character, but can just as easily be handled as an NPC. Droids have a slightly different character creation process, see the Building Droids page.

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Creating and Modifying Templates

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